Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
February 2019

Dear sponsors and Friends,
Let us first open this section with a review of the results for the 2017/2018 school year exams. Last year, which coincided with our tenth anniversary, the school stood out with a 100% success rate for the Middle School Diploma Exams and 85% for the Primary School Diploma. 4 out of 5 of the sponsored students earned their Middle School Certificate. With these results, the school is still in its quest for excellence as it has recorded more or less the same performance over the past years.
The entire teaching team, who despite the daily work, put a lot of effort into making our students successful, is to be commended for the great job. Thanks to their teachers, the students have gained the confidence and esteem that allows them to mature a little more each year.
As each year, you will receive the report cards of your sponsored child or children in January, for those in primary school, and in end of February, for those in Middle and High School.
For this new school year 2018-2019, the school made a positive comeback as evidenced by the increase in the total number of students that has reached 606 against 542 last year. The same goes for sponsorship, with 18 new kids who have had the chance to get support from a sponsor.
This was achieved thanks to Pascale, whom you knew through your exchanges with Avenir Plus. Pascale was at first a sponsor who knew the school through the website. During one of her visits she decided to stay and bring some help to the management team. Her stay here was very beneficial for the school. She spared no effort for the smooth running of the school. And for this, we really thank her and wish her all the best in the world.

There has been a change at the Junior High School level, with Saidou Bassoum who has been now appointed Director of Studies to replace Babacar Ndao. We welcome him in his new position!

As for the construction works, they have been completed with the renovation of the offices of the School Management Team and the exterior walls of the building. But we are still considering having some improvement projects, such as a computer room and a library where our students could have the opportunity to become familiar with the computer or read and study quietly. And for this year, we are planning to build a courtyard to protect the students from the sun.

The courtyard where the children can play when it’s windy.

Last year was also an opportunity for our students to visit the country newly built Blaise Diagne International Airport that is located in the region. It was a very enriching educational outing for all and the students asked many questions….

The first sponsors visiting their sponsored children in October 2018.

One of our students who earned her High School Certificate (BAC) in the school year 2017/2018 asked this year for help from our school so as to enable her little Coumba to register for the first grade. The mother understood the importance of completing her studies and of doing everything possible to succeed. A sponsor was found for the little girl! Hence, a new generation of students for Avenir Plus…

Our entire team thanks you once again for all the perseverance and faithfulness you have been displaying for years towards our school and all those children who cheer and support it.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any question.

Thank you.

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