Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
October 2012

saison des pluies

And so we’ve made it to the beginning of our 5th school year after a rainy season that seemed endless. We’ve opened a new 1st grade (CI) and 2nd grade (CP) class as a result of the growing demand for schooling. In order for this to happen we had to rent the building next to our little school. This allowed us to put both 1st grade as well as the 6th grade (CM2) in a calmer room, while we created more room (by knocking down a wall) in our original building for the 5th grade (CM1) class..

Saison des pluies

Jacqueline, a new volunteer (who is recently retired from teaching), joined our growing team three times per week. Dominque is here, loyal to the 6th grade, and Jean-Pierre, our always happy treasurer, is here for 2 months. Michel brought us a computer to initiate some of the students from middle school and high school into the world of programming (HTML, CSS, etc.), but we were victims of a burglary and our new computer has gone missing…


Some friends of the school gave us a huge breath of fresh in our daily lives by repainting the 1st floor of both the preschool and elementary schools. It brought us a lot of joy to return into a clean environment..


Collège Notre Dame de St Ave’s charity walk, which raised 800 euros, will allow 3 high school students to finish (or continue) their studies in better conditions. A big THANK YOU to them for their repeated support, and a special thanks to André for going each year to speak to them on our behalf.

Fete Ouistreham

The weekend for the Ouistreham association was a huge success and we were able to raised 2000 euros, which added 400 bricks to our wall that hasn’t “grown” as quickly as we would’ve hoped. This, however, added to our (first) recent subsidy of 4500 euros, represents a huge step as we are now the owners of the land that will one day house OUR school.

We’re still looking for a few sponsors for some of our students. Our sponsor world map has grown with the addition of a sponsor from Italy (after Canada, the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland, and Australia). A huge thanks to all the sponsors who allow one, or multiple, students to receive an education in good conditions!.