What we do with your personal information

Protection of your information

We collect some personal information (name, address, email, etc.) when you contact us or are making a donation.
This information is for the sole usage of Avenir Plus and is under no circumstance communicated to any third party. Any visitor who transmitted his personal information can ask the webmaster to be given the detail of what data has been collected and for that information to be corrected or erased.
All traffic between your browser and the site and coming from Paypal is protected by the SSL protocol.


When you make a donation through Paypal, some of your information is sent back by Paypal in order to confirm the validity of the transaction. However, no bank or credit card information is returned. We only receive your Name, Firstname, address, email, the date and amount of the transaction.

In an effort to better understand how our website is used, we also collect anonymous information through a cookie (small file located on your computer). As previously stated, this file does NOT contain any personal information.

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