Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
November 2015

We are back to school since early October and the rainy season lasted until November 2nd this year with an unsusual amount of flooding.

Our 8th school year started very well, despite the proximity of the Tabaski / Aid (which generates a lot of expenses for the families). The children registered promptly and to date, we have 500 in school.
The Primary School
At the end of the previous school year, one of our primary school teacher passed another professional exam and we continue to encourage all of them to continue to improve their skills through continuing education.

Our little group of good friends is here to help again this year: Yves in the art classes, Jacqueline, Pascale and Tess are helping in primary school. André will join us in early 2016 to help the middle school in Maths and Michel will come to help the 11th and 12th grades in Maths and Physics.

Doucoure' s first year as Head of the school was very successful and we ended last year with excellent results:
- 100% for both exams at the end of the primary cycle.
- 95% for the exam at the end of middle school.
Our Middle school is 2nd out of 102 in the district and we hope that very soon our high school will join in

so happy to come to school...
An immense thank you to our growing family of sponsor. More than 140 kids are sponsored as of today, many of them would not have had a chance to attend school without you.

A foundation was created in the United States and can receive donations. A Senegalese not-for-profit is also being set up to receive donations that will help the school directly.

A big thank you to the schools that have been our partners since the beginning:
- collège de St Avé in France
- Lycée français de NY
- Montessori School in Paris
- French Club in Fox Lane high school in Bedford, NY, USA
- Gohl school in Germany
we used some donations to buy dictionaries in primary school
6th grades with their gym shorts - gift of the Lycee Francais in New York