Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
February 2018

Hi to everyone,
As we are suffering from cold and windy temperatures while most of you are freezing cold, it’s about time for us to give you some warming news from our new school year...
To begin with, CFEE exam (6th grade) was 100% successful and our school ended up first out of 181 schools.
BFEM (exam of the 10th grade) received 85% success.Three of our four sponsored students passed the exam of Baccalauréat. With 542 students and 150 sponsored children our 10th year started pretty well and there are no children left to sponsor at this time of year.
First term essay in primary school is now over and you must have all received the first report card for elementary school.
During our Christmas tree celebration the three best pupils of each class received a nice shirt of « excellence »

Concerning the first semester's report cards for middle and high school they will be available in February.
Latest news about renovation work of Avenir Plus: Some of the children of primary school got the opportunity to break in the first floor in October and second floor is now available for the rest of them...
No more draught and intensive heat... Everyone is now so happy to have doors, windows and fans...
Renovation carries on with the ground floor and the kindergarten.
This year again, three young trainee students coming from Belgium are joining us for a few
months.(Louise, Sarah and Jessie). A good experience for everyone !!
Some school trips are also under consideration for our pupils. A few days ago some of them had the chance to visit the Presidential House and the National Assembly in Dakar.

We also wanted to tell you a nice story...
The story of Coumba, young talibé who arrived in our school a few years ago in 8th grade, thanks to his sponsor..
Coumba passed his baccalaureat with success in July 2015. He decided to carry on with his studies and recently passed his BTS (advanced technician certificate ) in management and computer science. He is now thinking about another exam.
A nice message of hope and courage for all of us and that made his sponsor very proud of him.
If stories like this can happen it’s all thanks to you all. Thanks to your support, your fidelity and generosity. And we are all very grateful for this. It’s a family story that grows up along the years and we truly hope that there will be many other carrers like Coumba‘s story.
And finally, to end up this newsletter, we all want to thank Cathy for this wonderful adventure she brought to life, and looked after during these last few years. We truly hope it goes on like this for many more years. Thanks to her for the hard work she accomplished with love,strengh and perseverance.
We wish her a wonderful and quiet retirement under the Senegaleese sun and among plants and flowers that she cherishes so much!
Thank you Cathy.