Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
April 2012


So many things have happened and I did not have the time to write to all of you…
One of our friends was able to put together a very nice video of the school... By clicking on this link, you will be able to witness a few minutes in the lives of our students.
Catherine was again among us by mid-January and returned in ‘her’ 2nd grade class. André came back to help the children with their math in 7th to 10th grades. This time, his wife Brigitte also joined us and helped in the first year of Primary. They all went back home with the spring (Easter) vacation and now; the school feels a little empty…

Dominique is with us again as always and thanks to him, all the children in the 6th grade are doing their homework and know their lessons.
Jean-Pierre, the treasurer of our non-profit operation, has come for the second time this year to help the children who have difficulties in 4th grade. On a regular basis, he invites the children to watch an ‘afternoon movie’ . One of the classrooms is turned into a 'movie theater' and this is always a HUGE success!

We had some issues with the students in the public school system. They have been on strike and were coming often to make sure that our students could not study either. There has been a lot of turmoil in the public sector this past year, their school year might be wasted once again. Because of their disagreement with the government, the teachers have not been working for months now, and the tensions brought by the presidential elections made the situation even worse.
Some numbers: The private school system in Sénégal represents:

  • - - 50% of kindergarten
  • - - 14% of the primary level
  • - - 18-20% of the secondary level

In the primary school the atmosphere is once again one of work, which everyone likes. The tuition payments are now more and more regular and on time.
Congratulations to our teachers in 1st and 6th grade who took and passed exams necessary to advance their careers.
Jean-Pierre is organizing an event in Ouistreham, France around the theme of the school. This will take place at the end of September. For more information contact us

76 children now have a sponsor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Ganztagsschule Appelhoff school in Hamburg, Germany has organized a walk for the school and has collected 40 bricks (200 euros). Thanks to all the young people who participated.
Our project of buying the land to build our own school is progressing VERY SLOWLY.