Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
August 2011

Jean PierreOur last “guest” was Céline who came to spend 2 weeks of her time with the kindergarten students in June.Together, they had a wonderful time.

At the end of the school year, for the first time, we had a great celebration for students to display their talents; it was a fantastic day for everybody involved; children, parents and teachers alike.
Very soon, we will be back in school to prepare for the new upcoming academic year, which starts in early October. Some students are already registered which leads us to believe that, once again, the school will be full for another productive year.

St Ave

Already, our regular volunteers told us that we could count on them: Jean-Pierre arrives early October, Catherine probably in January, André at the end of January to do Math reinforcement in middle school for 2 months and prepare the kids who are taking the 9th grade exam next June and, last but not least, Dominique should be back for the year to assist with the 5th graders. We thank them immensely for making such a difference.
Thanks to André, we kept in touch with the Notre Dame middle school and again the students “walked” for us and were able to send us 750 Euros, which will be used to help children with their tuition or to build up our “wall”.


The Ministry of National Education selected our kindergarten and primary schools to receive some kind of financial support this coming year but nothing is done until you see it in Africa, so our fingers are crossed and we hope that all of Ibrahima’s time and efforts will pay off.
Most of our sponsors have already sent us the money for next year’s tuition, and the children thank all of you from the bottom of their hearts. This year, we have a special request for 2 of our older students who are in 11 and 12th grades. In both cases their fathers were forced into retirement and will barely be able to meet family needs. These two students want and deeply hope to be able to finish their high school studies with us, but it will be difficult without further assistance. If you find it in your heart to help them please let us know.

A lot of our European sponsors came to visit us this year and it was a very strong shared moment for all.
We are continuing our fund raising to buy land and build our school, but, unfortunately, as you can see on our virtual wall, we are moving slowly. Please keep in mind that you can further help by talking to your friends about the school and the efforts of all of you involved in this project; providing opportunities for these children!

Thank You!