Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
May 2014

This year is not over yet, but we are already preparing the next one. After a great Mardi-Gras with the children in February,

this March, for the first time, we held a dinner to raise funds for the school at the restaurant Le Soleil in Saly. It was a wonderful event and many guests asked us to hold another dinner for the school next year.
With the funds we raised from the dinner, we were able to buy a new video projector - our first truly useful piece of classroom equipment.

Since the beginning of January, the middle and high schools have been in a different building that is closer to the primary schools. The building is in much better condition and in a quieter location, and the rent is lower!

batiment MS
The building of middle and high school

André arrived a the beginning of May for a month of reinforcement in math for the middle school


Before his departure, Jean-Pierre took “his” class to an afternoon of fun at the beach. The kids were ecstatic!

Some news about the sponsored students:
- Cheikh did very well at the regional French Language contest.
- Sokhna finished the 1st semester of 5th grade with an average of 18/20.
- Astou, who skipped 6th grade, is 2nd in her class with an average of 13.5/20.
- Mame Diarra, in 10th grade, has an average of 17/20.
- Fatou and Mariama, in 9th grade, respectively have 17/20 and 15.89/20.
I will stop here because the list would be too long.

We are planning to start two more primary classes in October, which will mean smaller classes of 20-25 students and better working conditions.

Our family of SPONSORS is getting bigger every year! THANKS TO YOU, 130 kids were able to go to school this year, some of whom have been sponsored for the past 6 years. I will send our sponsors all the annual report cards at the end of the year. Please help me by telling me as soon as possible if you intend to renew your sponsorship, since I need to register them for next year as soon as possible.

THANK YOU for you continued generosity!