Newsletter - AVENIR PLUS
Mbour Senegal
March 2011

After an eventful school year start, with a lot of last minute registrations, we are now settled into our third year of operation. We are at full capacity et even before the start of the year, in grades 6 to 9, students were here in Andre's supplemental Maths classes. He had a great success and was able to verify their excellent level in that discipline. Andre is now among us for a month.


Jean Pierre came in the fall to spend 6 weeks with the 2nd grade. He also accepted to run the non-profit association in France, which represents a lot of time and energy. As I'm writing this, he is here again for 6 weeks.
Dominique was also back to work with the 5th graders, but had to leave due to health problems. we whish him a prompt recovery and hope to see him back very soon.
Catherine just arrived and has joined Diawara in 1st grade. The children are singing enthusiastically as they watch in wonderment the portable DVD player she brougth to teach them some new children songs. The other sections have asked to be part of the fun.

Jean Pierre et le CE1

Two students teacher from Belgium (Haute École Provinciale de Hainaut Condorcet), specializing in learning disability, have joined us in January. As part of their last year's curiculum, they are looking at different teaching techniques, as well as concentrating on a few special cases, like the one of a little xxx girl who really wants to learn. Some of the children who ....
A great 'Thank You' to all our friends, who selflessly help us run the school. The children are always waiting for their return, knowing that a special time is coming...

Thanks to all of you, we have this year 65 sponsored children, among them, 6 have been able to come to school thanks to the Collège Notre Dame de St Ave (56). A big thnk you to all the young french student who decided to help some children of the same age on a different continent. Numerous sponsors came to visit at the beginning of the school year. The smile of the children meeting their sponsors is really priceless.