2008/2009: some of our sponsored children
Abdoulaziz_Thiam Anta_Ndiaye Fatou_Ndiiaye Fatoumata_Marceline_Sow
Abdoulaziz Thiam - 1st GradeAnta Ndiaye - 1st Grade Fatou Ndiaye - 3rd GradeFatoumata Marceline Sow - 1st Grade

A $300 tuition fee is certainly no big deal on the American or European scale, however, it's a totally different story in Sénégal where the average salary is $60 to $100/month. Since we believe that children from the poorest families should have the same right as the others to a decent education, we started a sponsorship program. As a sponsor, you agree to pay the tuition for a year; as well as 2 uniforms (up to the 6th grade), insurance, exam fees when needed, books and all school supplies necessary throughout the year.
Khoudia Ndiaye - 1st Grade Maimouna Mballo - 3rd Grade
Mor_Ndiaye If the children deserve it (through assiduity and good grades), at the end of the year, the sponsors may opt to renew their sponsorship. Currently, our sponsors are either American or European (some of them living part or full time in Senegal). This year over 20 children were sponsored. We also had two emergency situations since the beginning of the year, when two of our students unfortunately lost their fathers. Thankfully, friends who were just visiting the school decided to help these children finish the school year with donations. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change a child's life.Ngolo_Ntab
Mor Ndiaye - 3rd Grade Ngolo Ntab - 1st Grade
Rokhaya_Faye Others who were unable to commit to sponsoring a child throughout the years, have helped us with small one-time donations. These allow us to pay for the sand for the little ones' playground or even buy a few pieces of furniture for the classrooms. We have also received notebooks, pens, pencils, backpacks, toys as well as books with which we'll start a little library next year.

To all of you an enormous T H A N K Y O U!
Rokhaya Faye - 4th Grade Saly Sonko - 1st Grade
Omar Saly
Omar Sow, Maly Camara - Kindergarden
Satou Camara - 1st Grade Xhalil Diop - 7th Grade
Fatou Diop, Khalifa Fall - Kindergarden
Tening Germaine Ngom - 11th Grade Awa Faty GUEYE - 2nd Grade
Sponsored kids