We have thought a lot about building our school. It will cover an area of 900 square meters (10,000 sq. ft. – the equivalent of 3 lots in this part of M’bour) and will be a two-story building, each floor measuring 600 square meters. We will be able to accept more students in a better environment with better:

  • Classroom conditions.
  • Teaching equipment.
  • Proper bathrooms.
  • A power generator to compensate for the frequent outages.
  • And more of the little things we take for granted.

If we say that the project is simply a brickwall, each brick costing 5 Euros, we need 50,600 of them.

With those 253,000 Euros, we’ll buy the land and begin the first phase.

You can help the children from the Mbour area by buying one, two, five, twenty or one hundred ‘bricks’ (or more!).

You’ll be able to watch our project grow, day after day, brick after brick, by coming back to the site and looking at our photographs.

Each brick makes a difference for the children here.

On their behalf, thank you…

Ibrahima and the whole team at Avenir Plus.

How to pay?

Three payment modes are offered:

1- The easiest: Paypal (what is Paypal?) After clicking on the “Donate” button, the Paypal page will give you the option to pay with your favorite credit card and this option is generaly on the left of the screen.
(If the page does not display in English, look for a link at the top right of the page to change the language). If you don’t have an account with Paypal and you don’t want to create one, this is the option you should use. The next screen will ask the necessary information to process the payment.
If, on the other hand, you have a Paypal account and wish to use it, provide your username and password (on the right of the screen).
Once the payment is made, the next page will invite you to come back on the Avenir Plus website by clicking on the “Back to Avenir Plus”.
2- By check Send a check (in Euros) written to the order of Association Avenir Plus at the following address:
2 rue Blériot
14150 Ouistreham

3 – By WireContact us